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A personal note from Toya Nicole:
I’m a native Texan girl who took the big leap and moved to the Windy City in my mid twenties to pursue a career in sales and get a taste of the “city life”. The youngest of 12 siblings (Dad was a busy guy!) , raised by a single mother in a Christian home (Momma was the church director/musician/singer!) and born with a physical disability (I almost didn’t make it here!) I’m a woman who believes in living life to the fullest.  Losing my parents at the young age of 21 while studying at Texas A&M University was THE defining moment of my life and those series of events proved to me I can overcome anything. Moving to Chicago was the start of a journey filled with personal highs and lows, exciting professional achievements, new business endeavors, spiritual reawakenings all that led me right into my God given purpose. I love to travel and rank San Francisco as my favorite U.S. city, Cabo San Lucas as my favorite resort and the Greek Islands as my favorite place on earth..so far:-) My love for travel led me to start a travel blog in 2012 but before that my love of writing began in 2011 when God instructed me (HE does speak!) to begin writing inspirational devotionals, which I shared at the time on my faith based blog, The Journey Through Faith.  Since I was in college I’ve loved working with youth. Whether that’s been  volunteering as a tutor, teaching Junior Achievement to elementary and grade school students, teaching Christian curriculum to teens at church or fundraising for youth based non profits. My favorite social activities include attending concerts and live music festivals, making new friends at networking events and capturing all of life’s moments through scrapbooking. I love all things Beyonce,  will eat anything that has chocolate as an ingredient and am a reality tv show junkie! I’m a social butterfly who is just as pleased being in the middle of the “big party” as I am laying on the couch watching a Real Housewives marathon. 
I am passionate about helping you turn your visions into reality in business and life. I love blogging and all things social media. I’m full of creative ideas. I love developing strategies and helping you put a plan in place. I’m a wealth of knowledge and will be the resource you need. I love marketing so much I have a Bachelors and an MBA in the field. My minor in Psychology really helped me understand people and their behavior patterns. I went from blogger to business owner with the help of social media. I’m multi-passionate so I’ve got experience in a diverse set of industries. I’m a master networker and can help connect you to the right people.
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~Toya Nicole


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