Business and Social Media

Social Media can become time consuming when you aren't taking full advantage of the automation tools available to you. The key is to manage your social media so that it doesn't manage you. So to make sure you continue to work smart and not hard, check out this week's video tutorial highlighting one of my favorite tools that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts.Be sure to like, comment and subscribe! [...]

Work Smart, Not Hard – Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms. I heavily rely on twitter for breaking news, business opportunities and keeping up with the current trending topics. With over 300 million users and 500 million tweets sent per day sorting through all the real time information to get to the news and information you really need to see can become a difficult task.  Thankfully utilizing filters, also known as twitter lists, can eliminate this burden and increase your productivity.Twitter li [...]

How To Increase Your Social Media Productivity Using Twitter Lists ...

I am sure by now you have heard about the latest social media platform that has everyone going crazy, Periscope. The live streaming app, owned by Twitter, allows you to broadcast live video anytime and anywhere to the millions of Periscope users around the world. Amassing 1 million users just 10 days after it’s initial launch, Periscope is gaining popularity and helping entrepreneurs and bloggers connect directly with their follower base and grow their business.Check out this video tutorial to [...]

Periscope Is The New “It Girl” (Video Tutorial)

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network, with over 300 million users and growing. Personally it’s my go to social media platform for networking because of the ability to easily connect with influencers and potential clients. I was recently working with a client to help him overhaul his social media and during this Social Media Makeover/Brand Audit session what he found most helpful were the LinkedIn tips I offered to help him upgrade his profile and gain more visibility.So [...]

Get Connected: Simple Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Everyday I get a chance to work and interact with clients who tell me that social media is overwhelming and they are coming to me looking for some relief. Everyday there is a new social media network added to the marketplace and many already can't find the time to upload an Instagram image on a regular basis or consistently share their latest blog post on Facebook. With YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and many new other platforms giving us the ability to engage with our community [...]

Which social media platform should you choose?

When it comes to establishing your social media profiles the first item of business should be making sure that your online branding is consistent. Are your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter usernames the same? Is your bio consistent on all platforms? Do you use different profile pictures on all your platforms? Check out this video as I discuss the importance of brand consistency and share tips to get you on the right track. [...]

Dear Entrepreneur: Is Your Online Branding Consistent?

Social Media can be a fun place to share with friends and family all the personal moments in our life. However as a business owner there is social media ettiquette, especially when it comes to Instagram and you want to make sure you are aware of how it could possible affect your brand. Your ‪Instagram should be used to primarily promote your business, product or service not to share 3 selfies a day and food pics! You just may get unfollowed! If you can't resist oversharing then you [...]

No More Selfies: Social Media Etiquette for Entrepreneurs

Recently Grammy Nominated pop star Iggy Azalea made the news for announcing she was quitting social media due to bullying and nasty comments. As we have now entered the Lenten season many people are choosing to give up social media during this time. As a high profile celebrity, entrepreneur or popular blogger is it good for you to take a social media break? I believe you still need to maintain an online presence engaging with your fans, clients and followers but if you feel you are in [...]

Thinking of Quitting Social Media? (Video)