Extraordinary Faith in Action: Trusting God to Close The Deal


It’s #TestimonyTuesday and I wanted to share a blog and a recent testimony to help encourage someone.

This week I am headed to the Philadelphia/Wilmington area to attend a business conference that I didn’t think I would even be able to attend. I had wrote off attending because of the associated financial burden. Although I already had received complimentary admission to the event and was able to use a travel voucher for the flight, the additional hotel and food expenses still had my budget saying…“NO WAY”.

So last week I sent an email to the conference event planner team letting them know I would be a “no show” , she asked why and I was 100% authentic and told her attending the conference alone plus high hotel costs in addition to having to cover all my meals was just too much for me right now. I wasn’t even prepared for her to reply or try to help me BUT GOD stepped in…

The event planner actually replied back and encouraged me by telling me it is normal to “experience a big breakdown (distractions, fear, etc) before you experience a big breakthrough and I know how much you want to be here”  she then offered me a scholarship that upgraded me to VIP. This meant all my meals were now covered and I also would receive access to bonus breakout sessions. To help me offset hotel costs she also connected me with another conference attendee looking for a roommate, she was familiar with the area and we found a nearby hotel $110/night cheaper than the host hotel! Then to top it all off I had ordered new business cards but didn’t put a rush on it, since I didn’t think I would be attending the conference. The estimated delivery showed for Wednesday, the day after I would be leaving Chicago headed to the conference. I prayed they would show up early and low and behold Monday afternoon they arrived in my mailbox two days early!!!

Lesson: When you reach the end of all you can do, IF it’s in his will, God will always step in to “close the deal”. (Tweet this)

I’ve never been one to ask for help and I don’t expect other people to give me handouts or fund my dreams. I was raised to work hard, make things happen for myself, pray and trust God to do the rest. I don’t have parents to ask for money, I don’t have a husband taking care of me and I no longer have a cushy six figure corporate job.

What I do have is a GOD that ALWAYS supplies my needs and works through others to make sure I’m always provided for. With HIM there are no limits to what I can do and where I can go.

God continues to show me that I can have full confidence in him and his word. When you sow a seed into God’s work, God’s people (which is everyone) and God’s vision and purpose for your own life,  you will always reap the harvest. It may not come when you expect, in the way you expect but it will always be on time! When I finally learned to rely totally on my faith and trust God with my life, business and love   my whole world changed.

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