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In today’s society, women dream of a more satisfied life, but are unsure of the steps to reach ultimate purpose-fulfillment. In a saturated market of self-help books and coaches the purpose-thirsty woman is looking for a plan to help her take action! Women Who Walk In Purpose  is a unique community for bold and fearless women created from a labor of love, my first book “Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Purpose, 21 Ways to Walk Boldly Into the Life You Were Created to Live” .

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Extraordinary Purpose is that unique, remarkable, abundant and courageous business, life and love that God already predestined. There is extraordinary purpose on the inside of every woman, all that is left is for you to decide to walk into it.

My goal is the lead you down the path to the business and life you were purposed for and help you transform your ordinary life into an extraordinary journey!

Join me on the journey and become part of the Women Who Walk In Purpose movement!

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We talk career, travel, entrepreneurship, love, wellness and faith plus you will be challenged and empowered to:

* Dream Bigger
* Get Intentional
* Make Bold Decisions
* Tap into your God given gifts
* Confront Fear
..and find a place to meet other purpose driven, fearless, extraordinary women!

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“Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose”  provides personal and practical faith-based career, life and love strategies. Designed to encourage and empower women who to the world and even to yourself may be seen as just “ordinary” but who have desires, dreams, and goals to live at a higher level to stretch beyond what is ordinary, tap into your greatness, overcome fear and make bold decisions.

In this book you will find personal life stories, faith filled reflections, sprinkles of humor , strategies and practical advice to empower you to walk boldly into the life you are purposed for. The “21 Ways” are broken down by four core areas: Life, Career, Faith, and Love.

This book is for the aspiring entrepreneur, the single woman who refuses to be defined by her relationship status, for the mother who feels she’s lost herself in the midst of raising her children, the woman who is in the second act of her life starting over in a new career or the recent graduate who doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she “grows up”.

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