What Does It Mean To Live An Extraordinary Life? Interview on RTRL Radio

Last week I had the honor to be a guest on Right To Real Love Podcast with Host Jay Mayo! I enjoyed sharing with the listeners thoughts from my book “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose” and what it means to TRULY live an extraordinary life!



Here were some key takeaways and lessons:

  • Understanding that it will not be easy to live an extraordinary life.
  • The benefit of daily affirmations, gratitude journals and blessing jars.
  • The importance of speaking out of faith instead of fear.
  • Why women must remind themselves that they have value and are royalty.
  • The importance of believing and investing in yourself.
  • The benefits of having peace, contentment and joy in your life.

You can listen to the four part interview on iTunes, Soundcloud or via Web

Part One: What Does It Mean To Live Extraordinary? http://righttoreallove.com/six-habits-of-extraordinary-women-part1/

Part Two: Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Women http://righttoreallove.com/six-habits-of-extraordinary-women-part2/

Part Three: Six Habits of Extraordinary Women http://righttoreallove.com/six-habits-of-extraordinary-women-part3/

Part Four: Benefits of Living an Extraordinary Life http://righttoreallove.com/six-habits-of-extraordinary-women-part4/


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